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Learn Spearfishing

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  • Publication Date:December 14, 2008

Editorial Reviews:
The question isn't "Why is this book so short?" the question should be "Why are many of the others so long?" If you are looking for a history lesson on Polynesian divers over the last 2000 years or how to spear 200 lbs Tuna ninety miles offshore, then this book isn’t for you and you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you are looking for a book that gives you all the up-to-date options in gear, how to use that gear, where and how to hunt and what to expect there, then this book is for you.

This book is designed for the beginner spear fisherman. It provides a wealth of information in a short concise reading designed to get you in the water quickly. It provides the options in available gear and how all your items combined together contribute to your success instead of just the individual items! The book focuses on the three primary sections of spearfishing: Ready, Aim, Fire.

Ready answers your questions related to gear selection:
- What is the basic gear for spearfishing and how do I decide
among all the options?
- Thermal Protection (How much "wetsuit" do I need?)
- Weapons (Gun, Pole spears, Hawaiian slings)
What types of guns are there?
- What are their advantages and disadvantages?
- I've seen small to large guns. - What size of gun do I need?
- What other type of gear would I need to make my spearing easier?
- What other types of specialty gear would I might need?

Aim answers your questions on
where to hunt and the best techniques:
- Where do I hunt and why? (inshore, offshore, ocean bottom,
or the water column)
- As a diver, should I free-dive or use scuba?
- What other considerations are there for my success and safety?
- What are some suggestions for each type of hunting ground?
- What health factors should I consider when targeting a fish?

Fire covers the time period
from pulling the trigger until you are on your way back in from the adventure.
- What is the best way to handle a fish once I've shot him?
- What should I do to preserve the quality of my kill?

The book provides all the knowledge you need to get started in spearfishing, and
most importantly, the knowledge to safely enjoy the sport!

In Stock
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