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Balance Transfer Mag

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  • Pages:349
  • Publication Date:November 24, 2008

Editorial Reviews:
Feeling overwhelmed by your credit card debt? You are not alone and the good news is I was once in your situation too. Balance Transfer Magic is the guide to getting out of credit card debt, shortening your repayment time and keeping sane.

“Balance Transfer Magic” can help you level the playing field. In fact, if you follow the methods in this book, you will not only level the field, but to tilt it to your advantage. You will be a more effective magician than those employed by Credit Card companies.

Fortunately, this “magic” is easily learned. Even more fortunately, it is easily applied. Like any performer of magic however, learning magic tricks takes practice and discipline. Just as “magic” is subject to the laws of physics, “Balance Transfer Magic” is subject to the laws of money and credit card “physics.”

Therefore, while “Balance Transfer Magic” can work miracles for your financial picture, it cannot stop you from spending beyond your ability to pay. It cannot rescue you from bankruptcy if your credit line is “maxed out,” you have no assets, and insufficient income to cover your minimum payments. If this applies to you, consult a bankruptcy attorney – this book has insufficient “mojo” for your situation.

“Balance Transfer Magic” can give you outstanding strategies for managing and paying your debt, but it cannot stop you from signing on the dotted line. Nor can it address your justifications, psychological peculiarities, life choices, emergencies or unsuccessful risks that you might “blame” for creating your debt.

It has been said that the difference between a wise person and a clever person is that the clever person can get out of any difficult circumstance while a wise person won’t be there in the first place. “Balance Transfer Magic” will not teach you how to be wise any more than a good slight of hand artist is wise. It will however teach you how to be clever.

Very clever.

Every magic trick has ingredients, tools, and knowledge of how to use them. “Balance Transfer Magic,” reveals these tools, and shows you how and when to use them.

In Stock
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